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>Stacey Randolph-Castillo

About The Speaker

Stacey Randolph-Castillo


Stacey Randolph-Castillo is an Ambitious, high performing sales professional with a strong, twenty-year background in sales, sales management, new business development, and account management environments. She is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience regarding business ownership, from acquisition to growth. Stacey has been surrounded by the insurance business for many years. She was raised to be a second-generation insurance agent, however, in her youth she had other plans for her life. After making poor financial decisions, Castillo was forced to learn humility and obedience, and that’s when she was able to resume her destiny in the insurance industry. This recently divorced mother of five knows what it takes to run a successful business. She has the tools and overall understanding of the components of success. Applying her daily mantra THRIVE, True to Self, Hungry & Humble, Relentless work ethic, Inspire others, Vision with Value and Educated in your craft makes it easy for Stacey to maintain her female success factor. Stacey loves community involvement and is currently a member of Safe Table Talks, PADV and the Allstate Purple Purse Campaign. Within her community promoting domestic violence awareness and financial abuse, Stacey strongly governs her personal life by the ever so famous phrase quoted from Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.