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>Nikisha Grissom

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Nikisha Grissom


My name is Nikisha Grissom and I’m originally from Newburgh, New York, but have been residing in Atlanta since August of 2000. I’m a human services professional who works with adults with various psychological and neurological disorders. I have achieved many accomplishments in my life. I have obtained a Master’s degree in Human Services and now working on my second Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I had one daughter who I lost tragically in August 2014. The most important purpose in my life is to get in touch with my self-compassion. It wasn’t until I experienced the heart-wrenching tragic death of my only child that God revealed life to me, and empowered me with my purpose. Amazingly, through pain , I discovered God’s unfailing love, healing my soul. I am now rebuilding my life by speaking at conferences and a co-author in a book. Through my journey from Pain to Purpose to Power, I have discovered that my destiny is to inspire others, and help them to heal. That is my God-given gift to the world.