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>Lakair Taylor

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Lakair Taylor


I’M STILL ALIVE is the true testimony of author, Lakair Taylor, who endured abandonment, molestation, physical and mental abuse as a child too young to process the horror of her surroundings. Without parental guidance to nurture and protect her, she developed strong feelings of anxiety and detachment, sometimes using others before they could hurt her. At her lowest point, Lakair became suicidal, but God’s hand was upon her life, and at the right moment, He sent the perfect husband and the most meaningful spiritual supports that ensured that Lakair Taylor could say today with confidence, “I’m still alive!”


Lakair Taylor is a native Floridian with a degree in Medical Office Administration. Although she faced many difficult challenges in her life, she has learned to make the best out of every situation. She is a woman of amazing strength and genuineness. Although still young in her Christian faith, Lakair accepted the calling of a spiritual leader and embarked on a journey to find God’s hand in her many trials. She has a robust support system that includes her devoted husband, two beautiful children.